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The Word

Astralux 6000 Internal Rack Arm Louvre Blind System and Silent Gliss 6100 Curved Curtain Privacy Track

The Word in South Shields is a state-of-the art cultural venue. It is the national centre for the written word.

Dearnleys were asked by the architect to provide a solar shading solution to the high level circular rooflight located in the conference facility known as 'The Round'.

In addition, there was also a requirement for the curved perimeter glazing to provide further shading.

Dearnleys supplied and installed an Astralux 6000 motorised internal Venetian Rack Arm system to the circular rooflight, cut to exact size during installation.

In addition, Dearnleys supplied and installed Silent Gliss 6100 curved manual track with a Silent Gliss Wave curtain, using Sundown dim-out fabric to the curved glazing.

We Installed:

Astralux 6000 internal motorised Rack Arm System, operated via radio remote.
Silent Gliss 6100 curved manual track and Silent Gliss Wave curtains.


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