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Room Darkening Roller Blind System

The Astralux 4000 Room Darkening Blind System is specifically designed for commercial environments that require easy operation, low maintenance, and durability.


Product Description:

This blind system features an aluminium head box housing the roller barrel and fabric, along with side and bottom channels. It utilises 100% blackout materials to effectively block out light when fully closed, and offers a variety of operating methods and frame colours.


Key Benefits:

- Various head box sizes available for all window sizes.

- User-friendly operating methods for convenience and longevity.

- Wide selection of blackout fabrics to meet both functional and aesthetic needs.

- Versatile fixing options to accommodate various installation setups.

- Option of fabric retention side channels for secure containment within side channels.


Overall, the Astralux 4000 Room Darkening Blind System offers a practical and customisable solution for commercial spaces in need of light control and durability.

Astralux Fully Framed System Roller Blind Obscura Fabric Blackout Room Darkening Commercial Education Lab Medical Healthcare
Astralux 4095 Soltis Fabric Motorised FTS system motorised rooflight framed blackout commercial education healthcare
Astralux 4000 Roller Blind Framed Obscura Fabric blackout roller blind motorisation crank operated geared shutter lab
4095 Radio Motor Rooflight Astralux Screen Fabric BMS Building Managment System
Motorised / Battery Operation
From simple switch operation through to full automation via environmental sensors or BMS control.
Gear Operation
Gearbox (crank) operation with fixed or detachable handles to prevent unauthorised use.
Chain Operation
A standard option where the blind is raised or lowered by means of a ball chain.
Child safety devices provided.
Astralux 4000 Room Darkening Systems can be installed to sloping and horizontal glazing.
Powder Coating
Standard hardware is available in either black or white finish.
However all aluminium hardware can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour.
Heavy Duty Side Channels
Where the blind is large or air movement excessive heavy duty side channels can be used.
The Astralux 4000 room darkening system is available with a range of flame retardant fabrics and colours including; anti-microbial, dim-out, black-out, energy saving, heat reflective.

Printing of logos and messages is possible on certain fabrics.
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