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Cubicle / Room Divider Curtain Track

The Silent Gliss 6100 cubicle track system has, for over 40 years, been the most widely used cubicle track in the world. The track is specifically designed for use in hospitals, surgeries and health centres and conforms to HTM66.

This track can also be used as a shower rail system or as a room divider.

A Safety Device version of this track is available for high risk areas.


This cubicle track system consists of an aluminium track which has two extruded channels within the design. The top channel maximises connection positions and suspension variations. A dust cover strip reduces the risk of cross infection.

The lower channel allows for the gliders to run smoothly.


  • Track can be bent to provide privacy and screening to hospital beds and other areas

  • The design detail gives rigidity and strength with great flexibility in layout whilst achieving a clean unbroken line in hospital wards

  • Fully conforms to NHS requirements (HTM66)

  • Anti-microbial finishes for help with infection control

  • Extensive range of accessories for virtually every application

Silent Gliss 6103 rounded hospital shower room divider cubicle track
Silent Gliss 6650 Safety Room Divider Cubicle Track Shower
Silent Gliss 61000 Cubicle Track - P Shaped Patient Space
Silent Gliss 6100 Healthcare Privacy Cubicle Room Divider Curtain by Dearnleys
Silet Gliss 6103 White Round Vertical Blinds Cubice Track Sytem V Hanger
Silent Gliss 6650

The 6650 Safety Device System has been designed for specific use in high risk areas to reduce the opportunity for self-harm. The precision-engineered pull-out ensures that the device will remain in place during normal everyday use

The system has been developed to work exclusively with Silent Gliss 6101 Cubicle Track and is complete with single hangers, V-hanger for lateral stability, wall supports and wall bracket systems thereby covering the vast majority of layouts as well as for fast and simple retrofitting of existing layouts

  • Single hanger incorporates a friction-based joint which will progressively separate within a stated maximum load

  • Separation of single hanger is at track level for easy replacement

  • The inclusion of the friction-based joint also in the V-hanger for lateral stability means that a safe environment is achievable without compromising layout design

  • A detachable connecting bridge reduces the risk of the domino effect where one collapsing cubicle brings down attached systems

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