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Internal and External Louvre System

The Astralux 6000 Internal and External Louvre System is designed for use in commercial environments where ease of operation, low maintenance and durability are required.


This solar shading system consists of rack arms onto which either aluminium or timber slats are securely held. The slats can then be adjusted to attenuate the light entering the space. Operation is usually by electric motor but gearbox operation is available for systems fitted at low level. The Astralux system 6000 is ideal for large areas of glazing, especially roof and sloping glazing and the system can be manufactured to fit shaped applications. 


  • Precision engineered mechanism for fine slat adjustment and low maintenance

  • Fully adjustable louvres for excellent control over light and heat

  • Shaped option to fit virtually any shape of glazing

  • Automated control options for very accurate control over light for use in gallery applications

  • Can be fitted horizontally, vertically or sloping

  • Universal fixing options means that virtually every installation option is covered

Astralux 6000 Rack Arm Louvre System Internal Venetian 50mm Slats
Rack Arm Rooflight System Louvres Venetian Motorised Blinds Astralux 6000
Circular Shape Blind Rooflight System Astralux Blind 6000 Motorised Shading
Crank Operated Rack Arm Shading System Manual Blind Astralux 6000
Astralux 6000 Sloped Rack Arm System with 50 mm solid aluminium slats
Motorised Operation
Control options from simple switching to automatic control via environmental sensors and BMS control.
Gearbox Operation
Gearbox operation with fixed or detachable operating handles for blinds fitted at low level.
Fixed Position
Slats of the blind can be permanently fixed in position.
Powder Coating
All aluminium hardware can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour.
Shaped Blinds
The slats of the Astralux 6000 system can effectively be cut to match the shape of the glazing.
The Astralux 6000 Internal and External Louvre System is available in a range different slat colours:


  • 25 & 50mm aluminium slat

  • 50mm basswood timber slat


  • 80mm roll-formed aluminium slat

  • 88mm interlocking extruded aluminium slat

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