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You could be a Hero

Imagine if you could be a Hero and potentially save a life.


DKMS Blood Charity Donor Drive

Dearnleys are proud to promote a Donor Drive on behalf of DKMS. Our mission is to spread awareness of Blood Stem Cell Donation and the importance of getting as many people as possible, including YOU to register.


Donating in any aspect is important and has the power to change and save lives.


DKMS played a pivotal role in sourcing a bone marrow donation that saved the life of our colleagues’ son, Max.


Max was 1 and a half years old when he had a fall, and that fall saved his life. He was in and out of A&E for different test and scans due to the nature of the bruising and rash that had appeared.

It took 3 and a half weeks to diagnose Max with Aplastic Anaemia. Which Rebecca was met with ‘but it’s not cancer that’s great!’ sadly this wasn’t the case.


Aplastic Anaemia is a rare blood disease that occurs when your bone marrow cannot produce enough blood cells for your body works normally. Only 30-40 children are diagnosed with each year and unfortunately Max was one of them.


DKMS Blood Charity
Max during and after treatment.

Thanks to an amazing stem cell donor in Australia, Max is now a fit and healthy 6-year-old! You wouldn’t believe the ordeal that he had to go through at such a young age from just looking at him now.


We, as a company are wanting to raise awareness of this horrendous disease and encourage as many people as possible to sign up to the blood stem cell donor list, so you too have the potential to help another person like Max!



Thank you for your time reading and thank you Rebecca for sharing Max’ story with us.

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