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Astralux 3000 Roller Blinds with Glare Control Tessera Screen Fabric. Energy Saving Blinds.
Office Blinds

As the UK experiences continuous hot weather during the summer months, heatwaves become as common as April showers and we all start saying to ourselves “it’s too hot!”

Ways to stay cool then become national conversation. With that said, how can you handle overheating? Think blinds! Having the correct blinds installed is an optimal solution to reduce solar heat gain. Windows and blinds should be kept closed during the daytime when its hot, and then opened at night to allow the building to cool down and ventilate. When it’s hot we are all tempted to open the windows which only invites the hot air to come in. Remember, UK buildings are designed to retain heat after all.

Will blinds really reduce the temperature?

The answer varies depending on the type of building and choice of shading. Good to know that external blinds will always offer a better solution and that’s why you will see them more in hotter countries.

An Independent study supported by the BBSA (British Blind and Shutter Association) has statistically proven that internal and external blinds were effective at reducing internal temperatures.

Rooms with Internal Blinds reduced operative temperatures by 8-13°c whereas rooms with external blinds were reduced by 12-18°c.

Astralux 1000 Commercial Office Blinds for Glare and Heat Control. Child Safe.
Astralux 1000 - Vertical Louvre Blinds

To conclude, reducing the ability of solar gain during the daytime is the ideal way of keeping the inside temperatures down. It’s also good to know that when using your chosen shading effectively, it will help reduce the overall cost of a building as it lowers the pressure on cooling devices such as air conditioning

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