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Orsted Energy

Orsted Energy Dearnleys Project

The Project included a new, state of the art two storey Office building / control centre for the operation, installation and maintenance of off shore wind turbines.

Offices are based on the harbour side of the historic port of Grimsby.

The working environment was an important consideration when designing the building and large windows were utilised to provide plenty of natural light.

To prevent excessive glare on certain elevations, Dearnleys were asked to provide a user friendly and durable solution throughout the building.

Dearnleys proposed their Astralux 3000 roller blind system using a 3% screen fabric with an aluminium backing. This enabled the staff to still have vision through the windows whilst the reflective backing significantly reduced glare and heat build-up thus creating a comfortable working environment. 'Black-out' was required to the training/presentation rooms. Dearnleys proposed their Astralux 4000 fully framed Zip system using a blackout woven fabric with an aluminium backing. This fabric allowed lighter colours to be used which matched the surrounding décor whilst still achieving full blackout. 

We installed:

28nbr Astralux 3000HD Roller blinds

3nbr Astralux 4000 Zip system blackout blinds 


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