KLINIK Vertical Blinds

Best practice management of primary care environments with effective hand washing and waste disposal regimes is integral to the defence against antimicrobial resistant infections like MRSA. Simply by installing blinds with an effective antimicrobial coating - such as our Astralux KLINIK range – you can reduce the risk of AMR infections.

Changing your window dressings might seem like a small step as an approach to infection control, however, our Astralux KLINIK range of vertical blinds has a unique Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial fabric coating. The coating inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi – keeping the blinds fresh and hygienic.

Designed for use in healthcare environments, KLINIK vertical blinds by Astralux are easy to use and help to maintain a more hygienic environment.

Product Features

You can choose from three types of fabrics (standard, smooth and dim-out), which are available in up to twenty four colours.  All fabrics are treated with an Ultra-Fresh coating.

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Materials Child Safety Ultrafresh Brochures

Carnival Blackout

A range of popular blackout colours for when there needs to a high degree of light exclusion. Download here.


A range of 24 colours with to match with any decor. Download here.


A range of 12 popular colours. Download here

Child Safety

On 28th February 2014 a revised standard for internal window blinds was published by British Standards. BS EN 13120+A1: 2014 and two new test method standards BS EN 16433:2014 and BS EN 16434:2014 included significant changes to the child safety requirements of internal blinds.

The standards, which is mandated in the General Product Safety Regulations, 2005, mean that any company designing, making, or installing internal window blinds for premises where babies and young children are present or likely to have access have to be compliant.

Should a specified blind include cords or chains which could create a hazardous loop then the regulations require:

  • Limitations on cord and chain lengths
  • Safety devices for preventing any cords or chains from forming a hazardous loop
  • The testing of all safety devices and all safety critical components of internal blinds
  • Safety warnings and product instructions

Dearnleys/Pentel Contracts have ensured our component suppliers are compliant along with our manufacturing and installation processes. This is all underpinned by our ISO 9001 accreditation and audited factory production control systems.

All our internal and site staff have undergone extensive training and are able to provide advice on any blind system in any building.

Safe by design

Dearnleys/Pentel Contracts have a range of products that are safe by design, in that they do not use cords or chains in their operation.

Tensioned systems, motorised systems and external blinds are typically safe by design as are crank and spring operated products.

Make it Safe

Dearnleys/Pentel Contracts are proud to support the British Blind and Shutter Association’s (BBSA) Make it Safe campaign which is also endorsed by RoSPA and the Child Accident Prevention Trust. Download the Make it Safe brochure here.

Did you know?

Whilst the requirements are not retrospective there are retrofit devices to help make existing blinds safer. Any such device should be compliant with BS EN 16434:2014.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding internal blinds and child safety.

Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial fabrics

The KLINIK range offers Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial fabrics in a range of 24 colours, over 3 types of fabric (standard, smooth and blackout).

These fabrics are perfectly suited to a healthcare environment as they inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew, producing a self-deodorising surface.

A wipe clean fabric that kills superbugs such as MRSA and retains its sterile properties even after cleaning, therefore helps to maintain a more sterile environment.

Ultra-Fresh is a registered trade mark of Thompson Research Associates, Canada and is used in a variety of fabrics for the UK healthcare sector.

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