No reflections at the refectory, thanks to Dearnleys

13 Feb 2018

The Refectory at the University of Leeds was an iconic 2,100 seater music venue which saw performances from many of the major recording artists of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The Who recorded their landmark live album, Live at Leeds, at this very venue.

Now, as its name suggests, the building is once again a meeting and eating place for students and staff and open seven days a week.

Dearnleys were contracted to supply and install screen printed roller blinds as well as standard rollers to windows.

All blinds were made using heavy duty hardware and flame retardant fabric and installed on time and on budget.

Dearnleys have extensive experience in the education sector in the UK and you can see more examples of projects here, and galleries of images here.

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