Fun Cup Championship 2020

17 Mar 2020

Exciting NEWS!

At the Fun Cup 2019 Championship. Dearnleys Ltd and Pentel-Contracts Ltd were the proud sponsors of Car 146.

Not only did we have a successful season on the circuits, our friends and colleagues within the industry got a first hand experience at participating in a pre race grid walk, full access to the pits and even a chance to sit behind the wheel.


In 2020, We're thrilled to announce that we are back on the track and doing it all again!

We're going to get in on the action! Down in the Pits! and celebrate with our racers afterwards.
Please get in touch for more information and details on how you can get involved.

We look forward to welcoming you to some of the various corporate dates available throughout the 2020 season.

This year, keep your eyes peeled as we will be bringing something new to the tarmac.

 As well as sponsoring Car 146 in the Fun Cup Championship. We are sponsoring Car 2 in the accompanying Formula Ford Series.

Dearnleys Ltd - 01924 371 791 or


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