Essential conservatory shading

6 Nov 2015

Conservatories are frequent additions to hospitals as they provide patients with a light, airy space and a connection to the outside. However, typically the light gain and glare from a fully glazed space means it can be too uncomfortable unless appropriate shading systems are used.

Interserve asked Dearnleys to provide shading to a conservatory at Dewsbury Hospital and the solution proposed was Astralux 6000 louvre blind system as this spans wide distances, is unaffected by extremes of temperature, can be cut to fit shapes and is easily adjusted to finely control heat and light gain.

At this site the blinds were manually operated by a detachable crank rod but they can be motorised as well.

Another benefit of this system is that cut-outs in the blind can be easily accommodated and at this hospital a cut-out was used to accommodate a window actuator. See this and other pictures here.

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